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Main Services for Submarine Consultation

These services are being provided by consultants who are consisting of experts from various fields in submarine construction

Consultation History and Key Performance for Submarine

2011. 09. 09
- Organized “ROK MOD - RI MOD Minister Meeting”
  (Subject : Cooperation for Defense Industry)
- Gave a presentation of “A Way for Collaborative Development )
  (of Maritime Defence Industry” in the Seminar hosted by RI-MOD
2012. 05. 04
- Agreement between RI-MOD and DWL for Consultation
  of submarine building
- MOU between RI-MOD and DWL for improving
  Indonesian defense capability
2012. 07 ~
2013. 01
- Consultation for RI-MOD and Indonesian shipyard

: Site survey on Indonesian shipyard : Initial consultation for local production

2013. 02 ~
- Consultation for RI-MOD and Indonesian shipyard

: Selection of OJT trainees, Pre-training for OJT
: Indonesian shipyard upgrade for submarine facilities
: Supporting OJT trainee for submarine building


Jong Eun, Lee